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General Terms and Conditions

1. Provision of general data and information

RWE endeavours to ensure the accuracy of the information and data on its website. However, RWE shall not be held liable for or guarantee the topicality, accuracy or completeness of the information and data provided. This shall also apply to all websites to which hyperlinks refer. RWE is not responsible for the content of websites accessed by following such hyperlinks. RWE reserves the right to make changes and supplements to the information and data provided without prior notice.

The information on the website contains forward-looking statements. These statements reflect the views, expectations and assumptions of the management when they are made and are based on information available to the management when they are made. Forward-looking statements shall not be construed as a promise of the materialisation of future results and developments and involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties. Actual results and developments may thus differ materially from the expectations and assumptions expressed therein due to various factors. These factors primarily include changes in the general economic and competitive environment. Moreover, developments on financial markets and currency exchange rate fluctuations, changes in national and international laws and regulations, in particular with respect to tax regulations, and other factors may affect the future results and developments of the company. Neither RWE nor any of its affiliates assumes any obligations to update any forward-looking statements contained in this notification.

2. Contractual relationships

The website may include collaborative ventures with various service providers. RWE enables the users to access the websites of partner companies via the newsletter. By using these services, newsletter subscription users enter into a contractual relationship with the service provider or partner company in question, to which the relevant contractual provisions of the service provider or partner company apply.

The legal and content-related responsibility for the services offered on these partner company websites is solely borne by the partner company in question, the website of which can be accessed via the newsletter. The use of the services of a service provider results in contractual relationships only with the partner company in question and the user in accordance with the provisions applicable to this contractual relationship.

3. Liability

However, without prejudice to the other provisions of the disclaimer in the masthead of RWE, RWE shall not be held liable for damages caused by errors, delays or interruptions in transmission, the malfunction of technical facilities, interruptions of service, inaccurate content, the loss or deletion of data, viruses or any other factors affecting the subscription to the newsletter, unless such damages are caused by RWE, its employees or agents with gross negligence.

The aforementioned limitations of liability shall not prejudice RWE’s liability pursuant to the German Product Liability Act or other mandatory legal requirements. RWE’s liability shall otherwise be excluded.

No liability shall be assumed for prices of products and services placed ion the Website.

4. Copyright

All of the contents of the newsletter are subject to copyright. The reproduction of information and data – in particular the use of texts, text passages and images – requires RWE’s prior approval.

Unless mentioned otherwise, the image rights are held by RWE as well as iStockphoto LP and Fotolia. Copying and unauthorised use – both commercial and non-commercial – without the prior approval of the rights owner is prohibited.

5. Final provisions

All disputes arising from or in connection with the present provisions shall be subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Essen shall be the place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from or in connection with the present provisions.

RWE Aktiengesellschaft 2018, Essen

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