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Energy transition

The energy transition is driving fundamental changes in electricity generation and supply.

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Security of supply

A reliable supply of electricity forms the basis for our entire economic and social system.

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Climate protection

Protecting the climate is a global responsibility. And the energy sector plays a key role.

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Energy industry

Tapping into energy sources, extracting, storing, transmitting and trading energy – the energy industry’s network encompasses all of these elements.

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Energy policy

The political environment has a key effect on developments in the energy industry.

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Energy storage

Energy storage is critical to ensuring a secure supply of energy and making the energy transition work.

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Energy trade

Electricity, gas, coal, oil and CO2 certificates: security of supply is made possible by global energy trading.

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New on the market and already in use. Innovations are the driving force behind progress towards a sustainable future.

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Power generation

Each type of power plant has its own strengths and weaknesses. A combination of conventional and renewable energy sources ensures security of supply.

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Research and Development

Looking to the future: tomorrow’s technologies are being born in fields where researchers and users join forces.

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Sector coupling

All sectors need to be increasingly linked together to optimise energy supply.

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