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Climate protection

Carbon emissions are an issue that transcends national borders. Bearing this in mind, climate protection must be organised at least at the European level and – in addition to the energy sector – other branches of industry must also be involved, such as transport, agriculture and construction.

Climate protection is an international responsibility spanning generations. Almost every aspect of life is affected by it, including our energy production of course. In order to better protect our climate, over the long run we have to reduce the use of fossil fuels such as crude oil, natural gas and coal. This helps to lower carbon emissions and preserve the climate. The German energy sector is making major contributions to this and is on track to achieve the climate goals for 2020 almost exactly. By contrast, other sectors such as agriculture and transport are lagging far behind.

en:former – RWE’s energy blog provides you with information on the challenges, opportunities and progress in the field of climate protection, functioning as a platform for exchanging opinions on the path towards achieving the climate targets.

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