enformer Stimmungsbild Rückenansicht Arbeitende mit Blick auf Landschaft neben Fuß von Windkraftanlage Kraftwerke im Hintergund

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En:former – RWE's brand new energy blog

We encounter energy everywhere – at home, on the street, in the office and on the workbench. But what exactly is energy? How and from what is it made? How is it stored, transported and converted? The questions abound, answers to which are provided by this blog – exciting, snappy and always up to date.

Secure, affordable, clean – this is what our supply of energy should be like. After all, our entire lifestyle depends on it. We are en route to becoming a digital society which needs ever-increasing amounts of electricity. It is therefore important that the transition from conventional to renewable energy be shaped responsibly: with good measure and on the right schedule. So that the balance between climate protection, security of supply and electricity prices is maintained.

Straße in der Innenstadt bei Nacht mit Autolichtern
Energiespeicher im enformer Arbeiter im Inneren einer Batteriespeicheranlage

This blog demonstrates how well this can work. We compile current developments in the fields of economics, science and politics. We will inform you of innovations and provide commentary on the energy industry.

The energy industry consists of far more than power stations, wind and solar plants, storage facilities and power lines, it involves high quality jobs and creates a value chain both directly and indirectly.

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