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Sensible, marketable and economical – these are three hallmarks of good innovations, which also apply in the energy sector. And the world needs good solutions in the field of energy supply almost more than in any other part of the economy.

Thanks to the large number of innovations, energy is now a pioneering sector when it comes to achieving climate targets. Many of the novel solutions adopted in recent years have gone unnoticed by the public and have already become part of day-to-day life. Nevertheless, the energy sector is currently undergoing a massive transformation, and the pressure to innovate has increased drastically: because many new technologies need to be developed in order to ensure a secure, uninterrupted and affordable supply of energy that is in harmony with the climate goals. And each of these must first conquer its market.

en:former – RWE’s energy blog informs you about promising innovations and their contribution to ensuring security of supply in today’s changing energy sector.

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