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Cookies and pixel

Name of the cookie/pixelMarketerService ProviderPurpose and collected dataLink to objection
BT_ctstetracker GmbH Heyst GmbHUsed only to detect wether the visitor's browser has cookies enabled or not Link
BT_pdcetracker GmbH Heyst GmbHContains Base64-encoded data of the visitor history (is customer, is newsletter recipient etc.) used for personalization purposes Link
BT_sdcetracker GmbH Heyst GmbHContains Base64-encoded data of the current visitor session (referrer, number of pages, number of seconds since session start) used for personalization purposes Link
_et_coid Heyst GmbHCookie recognition for Campaign Control Link
et_idetracker GmbH Heyst GmbHVisitor detection etracker Analytics Link
isSdEnabledetracker GmbH etracker GmbH Heyst GmbHDetecting if the visitor is recording the scroll depth Link
noWS_<***> etracker GmbH Heyst GmbHContains true or false and indicates that the website with the trackingcode included has no acitve tests or does not deliver tests for other reasons (monthly quota exceeded etc.). <***> In this case is the secure code of the client as contained in the tracking code snippet. The BlackTri webservice sets this cookie when the mentioned conditions apply in order to avoid further requests in the running session (as they are unnecessary anyway)Link
rweblogvHeyst GmbHUsed to increase the visitor counter the first time an article is viewed.
rweblogHeyst GmbHIs used for the one-time rating ("like") of an article.
borlabs-cookieBorlabsHeyst GmbHIs set as soon as the cookie banner is accepted so that it does not reappear when you visit again.

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