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A fresh wind on all continents
en:former presents the largest onshore wind farms on every continent

Anyone who wants to build a power generation plant today would be well advised to look for an uninhabited piece of land with strong, steady winds and place wind turbines on it. In many countries, there are plenty of areas for this purpose. But nobody has yet tackled the expansion of wind power on such a large scale as China.

The autonomous region of Inner Mongolia in particular, with its share of the Gobi Desert, is predestined for this: The Chinese provinces of Inner Mongolia and Gansu alone have 32 gigawatts of wind power installed. Five of the ten largest onshore wind farms in the world are located here, two more in the neighbouring mountains. Only two of the global top ten are located outside China. But there are large onshore wind farms on all continents. We present the largest wind farms of the five continents and the Indian subcontinent.

Photo credit: © LTWP

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